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I'm Muhammad Mohsin Naeem, I am a citizen of Pakistan, My NIC / Citizenship Number is 42101-1601312-9, Full Name: 'Muhammad Mohsin Naeem', Father Name: 'Naeem Ahmed', I have studied BSc.(HONS) In Computing And Information System's, From College of Digital Science's, Karachi Campus, affiliated with NCC (National Computing Center) Education Service's UK And London Metropolitan University, UK.

I am working as a DIRECTOR ! CEO ! Freelance Software Engineer at AL-Kahaf Technologies Inc., located in Karachi, Pakistan. Currently I am working on the company website, The programming languages I have used while designing and developing the company website are PHP, HTML 5 (Responsive, using Templates), scripting languages mostly is Java script, I also know VB script. The database used for the website is MySQL. The domain of AL-Kahaf Technologies Inc. website is also registered by me using my social networking contacts through the internet. The domain is resided on one of Verisign Web Server, I am using their cPanel to create companies Emails Accounts, ftp accounts, database and its associated users.

I also have experience in developing LAN Systems using ASP .Net and C# .Net at front-end and MS SQL Server at back-end for Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates Pvt. Ltd. The System I developed was named as Accounts Receivable for Port Qasim Authority in Pakistan.

I have knowledge and 3+ years experience in hardware /software installation and troubleshooting including windows and other software�s like antivirus, service packs, MS Office, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes, Macromedia Dreamweaver for PHP scripts, Microsoft Paint, etc. i.e. carried out various Desktop Support procedures during various jobs.

I have more than 4 years professional programming experience along with solid Hardware/software installation and troubleshooting knowledge and experience. I have 2 years experience of working as a System Analyst/Programmer. I have developed various customised software�s using Visual Basic 6.0, C# .Net and have experience in database management.

I have 3 years of solid experience in customer service department, working for JCI. I use to work as a warranty coordinator in JCI Dubai � ME,

I have more than 3 years of experience in data entry.

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My Skills

Microsoft Windows 100%
System's Analysis 96%
Graphic Design 47%
Code Understanding 100%
Microsoft Visual Studio .Net (C# .Net And ASP .Net) 90%
HTML / Scripting (VB / Java) / PHP / MySQL / Classic ASP / Microsoft SQL Server / Oracle 90%
Database Design And Implementation 100%
Macromedia Dreamweaver / Bluegriffon90%

AL-Kahaf Technologies Inc.

Director ! CEO ! Freelance Software Engineer

January 2017 to date

YORK, Johnson Controls International, Middle East

Warranty Coordinator ! CSD

August 2005 till June 2008

Shan Corporation (FINE Water), Pakistan

Software Engineer

January 2005 till June 2005

Sidat Hyder Morshed Associates Pvt. Ltd, Pakistan


June 2004 till December 2004

Shan Corporation (FINE Water), Pakistan

Software Programmer

June 2003 till May 2004

Voluntary / BSc.(HONS) Software Project Experience's

These are some of my university time software project experience's.

Latest Products Image

Sales Order Processing System Software Application

For BADAR Hosiery, Karachi !
Duration: June 2002 to December 2002 ! Application developed using VB 6.0 at Front-End and SQL Server at Back-End

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Latest Products Image

MAK Administration System Software Application

For MAK Collegiate, Karachi.
Duration: February 2002 to June 2002 ! Application Developed In Visual Basic 6.0 with Ms SQL Server 7.0 as back-end.

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Latest Products Image

Task Scheduling System Software Application

For Ibadat Yar Khan, Karachi !
Duration: June-July 2003 ! Developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Access 2000.

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Latest Products Image

Stock, Sales And Purchase System Software Application

For Sangam Electronics, Saddar, Karachi. !
Duration: From March till July 2003 ! Applicatin developed in Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Access 2000.

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SUN Associate's Software Application

For SUN Associate's, Gulshan-E-Iqbal, Karachi !
Duration: February 2003 ! Developed DSS for property selection on Visual Basic 6.0 and SQL Server 2000.

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Latest Products Image

Library Management And Information System (MIS) Software Application

For Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Karachi !
Duration: From Oct 1999 to Nov 2001 ! Application Developed In Visual FoxPro 6.0.

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