IT Services

The complete information regarding our services you will find on the "Service" page.

  • Computer Repair Service

    Computer Repairs, Maintenance & Upgrades.

  • Remote Services For Softwares and Systems Troubleshooting

    On-site remote and carry in services.

  • Setup Systems/Devices

    We also setup Servers, desktops, notebooks, PDA's & Tablets.

  • OS Expertize

    We expertize in all Windows (Microsoft) and Open Source (Linux) operating systems.

  • Computers to Networks

    From stand-alone computers to networks that span across multiple sites.

  • Networking Solutions

    We Design, Maintenance and Implement various Networking Solutions using the most suitable type of topology. A network topology is the arrangement of a network, including its nodes and connecting lines. There are two ways of defining network geometry: the physical topology and the logical (or signal) topology.

  • Managed IT Systems

    Our managed IT systems simply give peace of mind. On a monthly fee basis, our professional team proactively maintains your servers and workstations, doing everything we can to identify potential problems before they become an issue. We have invested in the latest monitoring software to ensure your servers are kept up to date and we are notified of potential issues in real time. We provide technical support and computer services by both remote access and on-site at your premises. Our clients benefit from their own virtual IT department and helpdesk service.

  • Optimization of Systems Performance

    For an easy monthly fee we can minimize downtime & optimize your systems performance.

  • Onsite(LAN) / Remote (WAN) Monitoring

    Onsite(LAN) / Remote (WAN) Monitoring services available. (Check availability at your Geographical location)

  • Preventative Maintenance

    We do preventative maintenance contracts for a tenure of 6 months or more for software systems and other networking solutuions we provide.

  • On-site & Remote Support

    Our services can be carried out via remote access to your computer systems, at your premises, or you may bring the equipment to us at our workshop.

  • Helpdesk Services

    Windows support is one of our core services. We can help with IT scenarios from stand-alone computers to networks that span across multiple sites. We can design and implement new IT systems or work on or existing ones. We support the whole lifecycle of your IT equipment including planning, supply, installation, maintenance/computer repairs and upgrades.

  • Multifunction Device Specialists

    Our team is highly experienced in the installation of Multifunction Copiers or Multifunction Devices 'MFDs' (printer/scanner/fax). We can proudly say that there are very few IT service providers with our level of expertise in this area who can help you maximise the benefits of your investment like we can.

  • Single Point Of Contact

    We can be your single point of contact for all IT matters saving you time, money and stress.

  • OS Experience

    Experienced in all Microsoft Operating Systems.

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