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  • If you want to store your confidential data of type like Documents, Photos and Videos, etc., you can get them safely stored inside a Database with encrypted filing system and with checksum capabilities for files correctness or correctly stored safely inside an encrypted Database with Password authentication together with customer details like thumb and or palm authentication to access the database record safely or no other customer gets to access the database record with personal infirmation without customer or user permission. This can be easily done using an encrypted weblink to access the information through the internet like using a form with several layers authentication like putting the login credentials for the database through which the webform accesses the user encrypted information from the Database, like coding it in a separate file which can only be accessed by the form where the form is kept on a web server that is by putting MAC address filtering option for the web login credentials to access the database that is through the web form only as the form code runs on the web server so the login credentials fir the database itself can only be used by the web server form that is not by the end user, the end user has there own private login credentials to enter in the web form they are submitting to the web server. That is the MAC address of LAN card or the WIFI MAC address on the web server can be fixed to access the database through the webform that is even if someone has the weblink of web server database so the only way to access the database is through using web server LAN Card or WIFI adaptor MAC address, so the link will not take logging in credentials for the database directly even if the right user id and password are entered in the database web link.

    Another level of login credentials for the database is to fix the IP address through which the database can be accessed like through a web server interface using web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Firefox, etc., so if the IP is fixed to access the database so only the web server can access the database may be on the same server or onto another dataserver from Microsoft. The only way to access the database then if setted using like the above functionalities is to get to the web server if which the IP and MAC address of adaptors are fixed ot to the database server itself directly accessing it if on separate webserver or not on the webserver. Rest block all connections except from the allowed webserver IP & MAC address filtering.

    Now the enduser has to login to access its very own personal information through the webserver interface through a web link using a domain or an IP address link to for accessing the encrypted information that is the information should be encrypted with layers of encryption methods so even if somebody diwnloads or has got access to the database directly or through the allowed interface, it still should not work or run on their systems, they should have the encryption keys to decode the file before it can run, the encryption method of several layers can be setted on the database ir the webserver that is the for the speed or bandwidth but the user should upload the files through a secure link through coding practices using programming languages like PHP or ASP that through their tags not directly using the html tags for uploading, if using direct HTML tags fir uploading the personal files then they will directly be accessed from through the Internet company link of which you are using the internet of, or directly be saved on the webserver or database server harddrive, so the files should be uploaded using an encapsulated method used through by the web programming language so even if the end user is using a public network for uploading or downloading the connection holder and or the connection holder company should not have access to the personal infirmation Directly. The enduser should have all types of firewalls antivirus and password setted for their windows on any OS device. ...
  • If you take such measure’s to secure your system any type, and don’t leak the password’s, then your system will be un-penetrable, but still it can be only be accessed by the computer company or the people developed it. The developer’s will be having the master access to maintain the system, and other purposes. The developer’s thinking should be Ethical that is harmless to customer’s and the client itself.
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  • I just newly opened my own business company virtually, so I thought of giving you all some system security measure’s to be taken while operating a computer system over the Internet or desktop based systems. Kindly do have a look at it, the information is very helpful and does protect from hacker’s of all type.
  • If you can get me any type of business I will be delightful.
  • We have more than 10 years of professional programming experience along with solid Hardware/software installation and troubleshooting knowledge. We have knowledge of SDLC and worked through end-to-end stages of SDLC, and have extensive knowledge and experience on UML, SSADM and OMT. We are skilled in software engineering management and method application together with experience in Management Information Systems (MIS), Decision Support Systems (DSS) & Artificial Intelligence Systems. We also have an awareness of ERP, e-business solutions. We are capable of managing and coordinating work in a team environment, as well as the ability to work autonomously. We possess competent business analysis with technical writing skills and we are always keen to learn the new trends in the market and adapting new techniques. Why Us? • We care about your business and your needs. • Low cost to satisfy the needs of small businesses to large businesses. • Customized software to meet your business requirements. • Friendly 24/7 customer support via phone and email for web and software. • Using latest tools for software design. • No hidden fees. • Reliable and fast service. • Accredited licensed registrar. • Fast domain approvals. • Your own control panel. • All web solutions under one roof.
  • One other cyber security measure is that you can make a firewall for yourself in C++ / C# / VB .NET or try taking full Microsoft Visual Studio, that is just check who ever ask to connect to a certain port on your PC or connection, just press yes or no to give the other connecting device or server or a website or a bot to connect to or to answer your query on a web browser or an app. One way is this or try all the other methods of securing your PC or other computing device. One another method is to make a proxy and bring all the connected device’s behind a proxy / firewall with controlled access to Internet.
  • Here is a just an Idea or a suggestion to upload install and run a personal antivirus / firewall on a modem or a WIFI router with Ethernet WAN & LAN Ports and SIM card option. But firewall’s do come built-in in Modem’s & Router’s these day’s, so do try enabling them on the device. But totally separate Firewall’s Computing Device’s do are available to be attached before to an internet connection directly and to the Server or a Wifi Router with Ethernet Port’s. These device’s can be updated and installed easily without the need to be monitored, as the manufacturing company update’s it automatically as they are attached in the middle of a Server / Router in a Network and an Internet connection, that is if you install such type of firewall devices with an Internet modem with an Ethernet port and connect all the other device’s which wants to use the internet, to this firewall device you connected to your modem, then your network can also be termed as a Network behind a firewall. Now network can be a home network with mobile phone’s, Tablet’s, PC’s and other device’s like Window’s Server serving a city which come’s in Metropolitan Area Network (MAN).
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